East Village

Sky5 were engaged to design and construct an access and fall prevention system for 206 residential apartments situated around a distinctive Sky Park in Zetland by Dasco Australia Pty Ltd.

4 Defries Ave, Zetland NSW 2017

August 1, 2014

August 3, 2014

Anchor Systems

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  • Safe access needed to be provided to workers throughout the landscaped gardens.
  • Extra care needed to be taken with Centre piece atrium glass roof and mirrored skylights.
  • Working with architects and designers ensuring functionality and practicality.
  • Multiple system requirements for rope access and fall prevention.
  • Large scale project with tight construction deadlines and multiple activities.
  • Extensive list of value add requirements.
  • All systems fixings cast-in, improving safety and performance of rope access systems, providing cost savings to the ongoing maintenance of the systems. Systems require 5 year detailed inspection requirements as per AS1891 and AS4488 not annually providing a reduction in going maintenance costs.
  • Mechanical fixings and through bolted anchors throughout atrium glass structure.
  • Engineered custom bollards for landscaping areas cast in to slab, allowing for 400mm of soil, these multi-directional system allow or fall prevention and rope access use.
  • Construction project manager assigned dedicated to schedule.
  • Unique dual purpose anchoring system cast-in on residential towers roof areas, for immediate use by construction, providing workers with an engineered solution during construction.
  • Methodically tick off all value add requirements and live updates with stakeholders.

Delivering outcomes of the highest standard

“The team, effectively delivered the multifaceted project that challenged the Construction division with significant cost savings to the ongoing owners of the project. Sky5’s unique cast-in anchoring solutions will save the owners over 60k over the lifecycle of the property.”

The project covered a footprint of 15,000 square metres with a skypark built within. The complex is the largest of it's type in the southern hemisphere.

“Sky5 were engaged to certify height safety equipment at sites around Australia. They have been very flexible in accommodating each site’s requirements and have gone above and beyond to meet expectations. Their depth of knowledge and excellent level of workmanship ensured that all anchor point certification and installations were completed to the highest standard. Staff are professional, understanding and reliable and the overall service provided has been outstanding.”
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