We are Sky5

The most powerful force in commercial high level building cleaning, facade maintenance, and height safety services.

When three of the strongest and most respected names in the industry integrate, the result is Sky5. With an unparalleled degree of combined expertise, together we’re the most experienced, capable and highly trained rope access and height safety specialists in Australia.

Our mission is to be Australia’s leading commercial access solutions and facade maintenance provider.

We are changing the landscape

Our unique strategic partnership gives you the strength of more than fifty years of combined industry experience. Led by respected high access pioneers, we are passionate about taking the safety, quality, and service of our industry to a whole other level.

The first to pioneer rope access techniques, revolutionising high-rise window cleaning and façade maintenance, Avoclean enjoys a well-earned reputation for safety, service, and innovation.
National Height Safety Group
National Height Safety Solutions are renowned for high standards of safety, service excellence, and integrated solutions, including their specialist arm, Window Cleaning Professionals.
First 5 minutes
Australia’s largest provider of private emergency response services, First 5 Minutes specialise in accredited training for high-risk situations, warden training, emergency management plans, and fire and safety audits.

We are reaching further

Our commitment to leading safety and compliance standards, delivering excellence, and constantly innovating keeps us at the forefront of the industry.

We are working with some of Australia's best

The calibre of the businesses we work with is a true reflection of the standard of work we do.

  • "Sky5 were engaged to certify height safety equipment at sites around Australia. They have been very flexible in accommodating each site’s requirements and have gone above and beyond to meet expectations. Their depth of knowledge and excellent level of workmanship ensured that all anchor point certification and installations were completed to the highest standard. Staff are professional, understanding and reliable and the overall service provided has been outstanding."
    Tom Davey
    Regional OHS&E Manager
    Integrated Facilities Management

We are proud to do our part

For all of us at Sky5, giving back to the community is a big part of our identity. It’s who we are as a company and who we want to be.

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