From consultation to installation, Sky5 will have your high access and fall protection systems covered. We will deliver turnkey high access and fall protection systems that comply to building regulation, as well as fitting beautifully with your building’s aesthetics and your budget.

Our expertise unlimited!

All products are supplied and installed by SKY5 the respected name for quality, height safety, access and fall protection systems.

- Industrial fall arrest and abseil anchor points
- Horizontal static lines
- Ladder brackets
- Roof and hatch ladders
- Vertical line and portable ladders
- Guard rails and walkway systems
- Aluminium platforms
- Bridge systems
- Harness gear and rigging equipment
- Personal protective equipment (PPE)

- Rigorous quality control procedures and product testing
- Industry and standards compliant products/systems
- Advanced, precision manufacturing processes
- Ongoing research, development and innovation
- Comprehensive technical support and specifications
- Unique modular, easy assembly format
- Sayfa Accredited installer

Access & Egress

Provision of compliant access and egress systems are mandatory where personnel are working at heights and wherever there is risk of fall.

Fall Protection

Where there is risk of a fall, workers must be protected. The provision of compliant fall protection systems, including guardrails, anchor points and static lines, must be provided to suit the application.

Sky5 holds multiple accreditations...

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