We provide a highly specialised service providing comprehensive, best in class risk advice to senior management in the private sector and government agencies. We advise on issues relating to building safety requirements and resolution planning, plus we audit and provide specialist height safety and fa├žade access for commercial, residential and industrial properties.

Our expertise unlimited!

Our team are constantly researching and developing our knowledge base to ensure our clients remain compliant at all times.

- Our compliance team review and comment on new and revised building safety legislation
- We conduct building inspections to address maintenance of essential safety measures
- Sky5 liaises with representatives of the building industry and we investigate new safety initiatives globally
- We can provide internal/external training to ensure your team are fully aware of current and/or upgraded safety features

- We provide our clients with a range of written reports and safety advice so they align with Australian standards
- Sky5 can provide further support with inspection and testing moving forward


- Inspection and testing Axial load
- Fall prevention equipment test and tag
- Systems compliance
- Customer management portals
- Industry leading reporting
- Ensuring compliance with Australian Standards

Non-destructive testing

- Ultrasonic examination
- Radiographic examination
- Eddy current testing
- Real Time Xray Imaging (RTI)
- Magnetic particle crack testing
- Liquid penetrant inspection
- Metallurgical/NDT consulting

Sky5 holds multiple accreditations...

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