CC Pines - Moorebank

Partnering with CC Pines, a contract construction company renowned for specialising in challenging design and construction work, the Sky5 installation team were tasked with providing a unique solution to a section of the newly constructed, Moorebank Logistics Park

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  • Aramax Roof sheeting had been installed to the awnings, and whilst it has many amazing qualities, walking or installing an off the shelf Fall Protection system are not part of its features.
  • The installation requirements for the project were 240m of Sayfa Fibre walkway, 2 Mini Ladders with Landing platforms, as well as a 123m & 89m Sayfa Travel8 Static Line Systems enabling safe access across the awning and to the edge for cleaning purposes.
  • The Sayfa design team put together technical drawings for all aspects of the project, allowing the customer to see exactly how the final product would look prior to installation. The Custom Aramax bracket design was essential in allowing the Travel 8 Static Line system to mount perfectly to the roof sheeting.
  • Due to its unique profile, the installation posed some challenging safety concerns. Sky5’s online management system “Donesafe” allowed us to manage real risk’s in real time, ensuring we had accounted for all potential operational risks & hazards, and that identification of the most effective control measure was in place.

Delivering outcomes of the highest standard

The final outcome was a unique, custom installation on a difficult roof profile, allowing safe and easy access for the client and their team to carry out all maintenance works quickly and more importantly safely.

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